2017 – What a Year!

The last day of the year and looking back, what a year! Busy with all sorts not just artwork – extension, Venice residency, holidays in Italy and Devon with my dear friend Satya’s dog Mupta.

But to the artwork, production slow; I did not realise how much time energy and money would be expended.   However, I managed to finish my Black moving objects collection depicting women in war situations/women’s rights which led on to work showing the refugee crisis.   A big lesson, get finished quickly while the event is happening.   Because of the complication of process and size of images I was unable to produce more than one of each, so now will need to get copies ifI am going to show in London where they may get some notice.

The 3 culminating prints illustrated the plight of the refugees and the Grenfell Tower disaster – beautiful pictures and need to be seen more.

The work was displayed in the Cornhill Tearoom in Ipswich, Suffolk U.K. and aired little notice and mention.   I was pleased with the show but a provincial town in Suffolk is the wrong place to put it.

So by the end of the summer I needed in my own mind to do something calm and beautiful which led to the moths and dragonflies.   These got more notice!


I’m so excited for next year – at least 3 well placed exhibitions with dear friends who work and think the same.   And a change of subject matter – Deep meaning but I must try and be more commercial or I won’t be able to afford to continue.